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What Would You Like to Do?

Vacation is a word that means something different to different people depending upon the personality and situation of the person traveling. To some vacation means an arduous trek up a mountain. For others it is to recline on a beach and bask in the joy of doing nothing. Whatever you need to help you recharge your batteries Odyssey Junction has your next itinerary waiting. 

Cruise ship
Take A Cruise

Cruising is a excellent opportunity to visit a number of places it might be difficult to take in by other means. Large or Small Cruises.

Family on vacation having barbecue
Family Vacation

Family vacation memories endure for a lifetime. We can help you make those memories with a variety of family and budget friendly vacation packages.

Go to a beach

Sometimes all you need is a beach and something with alcohol and an umbrella in it to have the perfect day. Your hammock is waiting.

On way to honeymoon. Couple travelers with suitcases
Plan our honeymoon

Your honeymoon is the first vacation together in a lifetime of vacations. We can help you make it extra special.

Tallinn, Estonia. People Walking Near Famous Landmark Viru Gate
Cultural discovery

Is there a culture who's art, architecture and cuisine has always fascinated you? Perhaps now is the time for your voyage of discovery.

Ruins of ancient city, Hierapolis near Pamukkale, Turkey
Explore the past

From Machu Pichu, last stronghold of the Inca, to Pompeii, uncovered after 1800 years hidden by ash, forgotten. Your ticket to the past awaits!

Mountains in Alaska
Take an epic journey

Does your idea of "Vacation" include a multi-week jaunt spanning continents? Your itinerary is waiting for you.

Hotel room at a luxury resort
Relax in Luxury

Spa treatments, hot tubs, fine wine and dine and bubble baths. Treat yourself to what makes you feel good. At a price to make you feel better!

Endless railroad in open rural countryside
Ride the Rail

One of the best ways for you to experience a wide stretch of landscape is from the comfort of a railway car

Young man hiking into the forest
Go off the beaten

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How do you like to travel?

Smiling woman wearing sunglasses exploring city streets with her cellphone
You fly solo

You like being free to roll your own adventure. You also like taking advantage of price breaks afforded to a group.

Public bus traveling on the road in Norway
You like a group

You enjoy the structure and sense of security afforded to a group, large or small, traveling together.

Close up beautiful older woman thinking
You Aren't sure yet

You are experiencing a change in your life such as an empty nest, career hiatus or retirement and want to know about travel options.